Royal LePage Comox Valley Snow to Surf

Teams Entered

Note: Only teams whose registration fees have been processed will appear on this list. We currently have 97 paid adult teams, 0 on the wait list and 3 paid junior teams.

Team numbers and catagories will not be official until 8pm the evening before the race. .

Category Team Name Team Captain City Age Military Costume
Open Men Banzai Bill Brett Courtenay No No
Open Men Yeti or Not David Janzen Courtenay No No
Open Men Are We There Yet? Sebastien Richard Lazo Yes No
Open Men Brovengers Blake Playford Victoria No No
Open Men Southern Fir Peelers Michelle Nagy Campbell River No No
Open Women ... Jennifer Macy Chemainus No No
Open Women Blood, Sweat and Bee Lauren Fougner Vancouver No No
Open Women Ivy League Jocelyn Thompson Victoria No No
Open Women The Lunging Leopards Brittney Howard Courtenay No No
Open Mixed Lifepack Ashley Chartrand Courtenay No No
Open Mixed Lords of the wind Kristy LeDevehat Campbell river No No
Open Mixed 19 AMS Team 1 Maggie Jacula Courtenay Yes No
Open Mixed CV Recruitment Progr Kyle Murphy Courtenay No No
Open Mixed Holy Smokes Sarah Dogherty Victoria No No
Open Mixed Gone With the Wind Vicky Christmann courtenay No No
Open Mixed Dirty Deadlifters Rachel Matthews Courtenay No No
Open Mixed Fuzzy Pickles Haley Healey Nanaimo No No
Masters Men Whiskey Chasers Heather Klassen Qualicum Beach No No
Masters Men Tsolum Mobile Peter Parke Courtenay No No
Masters Men CSEE faculty Kerry Wadsworth Victoria No No
Masters Women Team ELM! Sarah Seads Courtenay No No
Masters Women Gin Splints Heather Croft Victoria No No
Masters Mixed Mix Masters Darren Saare Cumberland No Yes
Masters Mixed Yin Rick Smith Courtenay No No
Masters Mixed Yang Rick Smith Courtenay No No
Masters Mixed Refried Freinds Patricia Good Lantzville No No
Masters Mixed Sterling salar Tiffany MacWilliam Campbell River No No
Masters Mixed Mainroad Marvels David Turenne Cumberland No No
Masters Mixed Waterline Surge Simon Wing Nanaimo No No
Grand Masters Men Ace of Pace Brad Piercy Black Creek No No
Grand Masters Mixed TBA 1 Brenda Cuggy Courtenay BC No No
Great Grand Masters Mixed Les Formidables Sharon Plummer Parksville No No
Juniors Mixed Snow to Smurf Nadia Macluskie Comox No Yes
Recreational Open Valid Mistake Brittany Milner Nanaimo No No
Recreational Open We Must Be Nuts Julianna Wells Courtenay No No
Recreational Open TBD Mel Barry Courtenay No No
Recreational Open Wait what? Sandra Banholzer Squamish No Yes
Recreational Open Royal LePage Renegad Amy Deneer Courtenay No No
Recreational Open Team Ramrod Dave Pottle Comox No No
Recreational Men The Sexy Nine Kaylee Norn Victoria No No
Nerd Herd Hilary Begin Nanaimo No No
TBA Steve Butcher Victoria No No
Motion of the Ocean Joy Daniel Nanoose Bay No No
Doreen and Gary’s Matt Low Comox No No
Comox Valley Triathl Kerri Brownie Courtenay No No
Gen X-Men Mike Tunnah cumberland No No
Katherine Dolmage Katherine Campbell River No No
NaturalHigh Jessica Rathlef Campbell River No No
Run to Beer - 1 Derek Kaufman Comox No No
Run to Beer - 2 Derek Kaufman Comox No No
HemiHybrids Mike Marchi Courtenay No No
The Dingos Robert Bollinger nanaimo No No
hope we dont die derek bollinger nanaimo No No
Strathcona Park Lodg Ryan Stuart Royston No No
Hollyburn Oldies David Helliwell Vancouver No No
Hollyburn Girls Gillian Helliwell Vancouver No No
Team Dingus Justin Fleming Courtenay No No
40 Below Friends Andrew Matthews Cumberland No No
Wild Things Heather Smith Courtenay No No
19 AMS Team 2 Brock Gatien Courtenay No No
Casual On-call-ogist Adele Woodyard Courtenay No No
Cumberland Brewing Jay Campbell Courtenay No No
Snow to Slurrs Barbara Milley Courtenay No No
Extreme Airborne Uni Anna McSheffrey Courteney No No
Participation Ribbon Jaimen Cronk Victoria No No
Straight off the cou Donny Brenson Courtenay No No
TBA Number Three Rowan Belanger Victoria No No
Great Expectations Bill Vinton Oceanside No No
Nerdibranchs Jordan Goldsmith Victoria No No
Nerd-Toe Donna Cloutier Courtenay No No
Golden Oldies Dawn Anderson Comox No No
Reliable Autobody 86 Mike Blomquist Port Alberni No No
Performance Enhanced Ian Douglas Nanaimo No No
Jerrys of the Day Alex Bascom Courtenay No No
The Fogduckers Jonny Ferguson Ucluelet No No
The SPL Lodgie Crew Allison Nassichuk Campbell River No No
Agony on De-feet Ian Bendfeld Victoria No No
Cumberland Hotel Luc Harry Kleiner Comox No No
Stitch in time Sue Bloxsome Courtenay No No
Theme Garden Gnomes Jesper Nygrosen Courtenay No No
The Inconceivables Emma Che CAMPBELL RIVER No No
Mighty Minto Minty M Peter Hartmann Courtenay No No
Black Creakers Dan Talbot Merville No No
Alder Docks Robert Ramsey Campbell River No No
The After After Part Chris Morrison Comox No No
The Curious Case of Kevin Soo Campbell River No No
Ski Tak Hut Robin Humphreys Courtenay No No
North Island College Sarah Corrigal Courtenay No No
CSEE Students Manny Asistores Victoria No No
The Tombstones Stan Hanson Courtenay No No
Central Wood Chucker Michelle Nagy Campbell River No No
Northern Fir Reals Michelle Nagy Campbell River No No
The Underdogs Helen Rae Victoria No No
Gee are Strathcona! Michael Sage COMOX No No
Mainroad Misfits Jenece Stinson Langley No No
Stantec2 Mark Dawson Burnaby No No
Stantec01 Xena McArthur Burnaby No No
McElhanney Chantal Richard comox No No
Comox Valley Glassho Alex MacKay Courtenay No No
The Replacements Jeffrey McIsaac Courtenay No No