Royal LePage Comox Valley Snow to Surf FAQ

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Race Package Pickup Page Top
  1. What time am I able to pick up the race package?
    Race Package pickup Saturday April 28, 2019 4pm – 7pm, Saturday April 27 at The Alpine Lodge at Mount Washington Alpine Resort. dinner menu available
Alpine Page Top
  1. Snowboards?
    No- it is an alpine skiing event. This also means no telemark skiis etc
  2. Could you let me know how far the alpine skier has to run up the hill? I assume it's just part way the Eagle chair. Do you know how many metres? Also, I understand the skiers leave their skis there. Does that mean they take the chairlift up, ski part
    please read the rules and regulations that you can download from the website
Nordic Page Top
  1. Do the race rules allow for substitiutions if a team member cannot participate?
    so long as the replacement signs a waiver at package pickup by 8pm saturday
Snowshoe Page Top
  1. Is the snowshoe leg happening this year? (2018)
    snow shoe has been discontinued
Runner Page Top
  1. Can I have my phone and earbuds for listening to music during the running portion?
    Before posting to the FAQ page can you please review the rules as this question is answered there
Mountain Bike Page Top
  1. Are hand size bar ends allowed on mtn bikes for this event?
    As long as the bar ends are Mt bike specific. ie; handle bar must be straight. The bar ends cannot be designed for road bike handle bars offering aerodynamic advantages.
  2. What is the check in time?
    Please refer to the rules and regulationsthat your team captain has.
  3. the check in times were not included in the race package I was given
    The check in times are all posted in the Rules and regulations which all team captains were to download. Please check with your team captain.
Kayak Page Top
  1. How Do I find the Start of the Kayak Leg?
    Direction to the Courtenay Fish and Game Club from Courtenay
    ROUTE A: Take the Comox Valley Parkway (29th St.) toward the inland Hwy. Continue into Cumberland. Turn right toward the Pigeon Lake Dump on Bevan Rd. (By gas station) Follow this road until it ends at a stop sign. Turn left. (this is Comox Logging Rd) Follow a short distance staying to the left and then turn left into the Courtenay Fish and Game Club.
    ROUTE B: You head up 5th St. to the end where it turns left. onto Willemar. You turn right at the stop sign by Lake Trail school. You head out Lake Trail Road. Then you take a left on Comox Logging Rd. Stay to the left where the it branches. You will come to the Fish and Game Club on the left. When you enter the Fish and Game club you stay to the right when you can. The launch area is just past the camping area.
    Directions from the start of the mountain bike leg to the start of the kayak leg.
    From the mountain bike leg head back to Highway 19. Head towards Courtenay and Cumberland. Take the exit to Cumberland and head towards Cumberland. Turn right toward the Pigeon Lake Dump on Bevan Rd. (By gas station) Follow this road until it ends at a stop sign. Turn left. (this is Comox Logging Rd) Follow a short distance staying to the left and then turn left into the Courtenay Fish and Game Club.
  2. Do we bring our own kayak or is one supplied to us?
    You are solely responsible to bring your own kayak.
Road Bike Page Top
  1. How Do I find the Start of the Road Bike Leg?
    Take the Comox Valley Parkway (29th St.) toward the Inland Hwy. Continue into Cumberland. At Dunsmuir ( 4 way stop ) turn right. Proceed to just past the Cumberland Recreation Center and turn left at the stop sign. Comox Lake Road will be closed so drop off cyclist at the Recreation Center parking lot. The cyclist will then follow Comox Lake Road 4Km. to the Start area at the Comox Lake Campground. The Road Bike finishes on Sandpiper Road in Courtenay. Please park at Anfield Center (Walmart off Cliffe Ave.. There will be no parking on Millard or the Island Highway
    Please note that car access to both these areas is for racers only and be very mindful of racers and traffic controllers
Canoe Page Top
  1. How Do I find the Start of the Canoe Leg?
    The Canoe Leg starts at the Courtenay Marina.
    For teams coming in from Nanaimo – from Provincial Route 19 North, take EXIT 117 toward Cumberland/Courtenay/Comox. Keep right at the fork and turn onto Cumberland Road. Stay straight, as Cumberland Road turns into Comox Valley Parkway. At the t-junction, turn left onto Provincial Route 19A North/Cliffe Ave/Island Highway. Turn right at 20th St into the Courtenay Marina Park.
    For teams coming in from Campbell River – from Provincial Route 19 South, turn left at EXIT 127, Piercy Road. Turn right at the 4-way stop at Condensory Road, which becomes Anderton Ave. Turn right at 1st St, drive up one block and turn left onto Cliffe Ave. Follow Cliffe Ave, then turn left at 20th St into the Courtenay Marina Park.
    For teams coming in from Campbell River – from Provincial Route 19A South, take a left at Headquarters Road, which turns into Comox Road. Turn right at 17th St, drive over the bridge and turn left at Cliffe Ave. Turn left at 20th St into the Courtenay Marina Park.
  2. How early can canoes be dropped off at the launch area? Can this be done the day before?
    We provide no security for your canoe so dropping it off without its paddlers would not be a smart thing to do. Canoes are expected to be at the Courtenay Marina by 10:15am on race day.
  3. Do we have to supply our own canoe or are we assigned one when we get there?
    You are solely responsible to bring your own canoe.
  4. Are outriggers allowed on canoes?
  5. How do I know if my lifejacket is DOT certified
    please contact our canoe boss at
Finish Page Top
  1. How Do I find the Finish Line?
    Comox Marina Park is located just below Comox Town Hall on Beaufort Ave..
    If you are heading east on Comox Ave, turn right on Church St. and then left on Beaufort Ave.
    Please note that only vehicles with official race passes will be allowed down into the Marina area.
    Please also note that your pass allows you to access the park to pick up your canoe! Please pick up your canoe and leave the parking area immediately.
    Your best bet is to park along the nearby residential streets and walk. Please be mindful of all parking restrictions and watch not to block residents' driveways.
  2. We would like to bring our RV down to the finish area. What time on sunday should we have it down at Marina Park to ensure it gets in?
    Marina park is CLOSED to traffic for the event. Each team is allowed to bring a vehicle down to the park to pick up the their canoe and then they must remove both the vehicle and the canoe. There is NO PARKING.
    Please park your vehicles well away from Marina Park and walk down to enjoy the festivities.
General Question Page Top
  1. Where do I get the armband?
    Your alpine skier gets the armband at the race start line at the top of the Whiskey Jack (yellow) Chair.
  2. Is there any problem racing on more than one team – as long as they fill out all the forms etc.
    So long as the person fills out a waiver for each team and so long as they are at their appropriate leg at the correct check in time, there is no problem.
  3. Where do I pick up the waivers?
    The waivers are available for download after you log in to the website. Please follow the link in the email sent to you with confirmation of entry and download the two sets of waivers and the rules and regulations.
  4. I need to make changes to my entry and the login screen is closed- what can I do?
    If you missed the deadline for info, changes can be made at race package pickup in the Alpine Lodge on Mount Washington. There is NO OTHER WAY to make changes. If there have been any team member changes, the new team member will have to sign a waiver at race package pickup. PLEASE NOTE: There can be NO CHANGES after race registration closes. If there is a team change after 8pm on registration the team will be disqualified.
  5. Where is the lost and found?
    We do not have a lost and found.
  6. I am not sure what I am supposed to do. I am entered but don't know where I am supposed to go etc.
    Please check with your team captain. They have all the rules and waivers etc.
  7. I need to make changes to my team and Login has closed- what do I do?
    Changes can be made at race package pickup. This is the only way. If you have team member replacements, please have them fill out the waiver and sign it. Waivers were downloaded and/or emailed by/to team captains. If the waiver has someone els's name on it, please make the changes
  8. Someone has dropped out of our team at the last minute. Can another team member do another leg?
    You would have to change team categories to Missing Members, but yes, this is possible. If the Login screen is closed this can ONLY be done at package pickup.
  9. My team member might not be able to meet with me before the start of their leg... Do they get their team numbers at check in or do I need to bring it to her??
    The purpose of race package pickup on Saturday is to pick up race numbrs and also receive any last minute information or changes that may be required. Each member of each team will have to get the team numbers from whomever picks up the race package on Saturday night. This way if there are any changes, each member will be notified.
  10. We would like to watch the event? How easy is it to see different parts of the event?
    The best place to take in the event is at Marina Park in Comox. The problem with other legs of the event is that there is an incredible amount of congestion as teams work to pick up and drop off team members at the different transitions. If you think about it, there are 186 teams and if each team of 9 uses 4-5 cars to move their members around in just racers alone, this means that we would have a parade of cars more than two miles long!!!!
    Best suggestion is to head down to Marina Park in Comox. This is where the race finishes with the canoeists coming to shore and running up the ramp and ringing the bell!!!!
  11. I would like to watch the finish, when should I be there??
    As the finish attracts many thousands of people, the sooner you are down there the better. Best suggestion would be before noon.
  12. When do you expect to post the results?
    We will have the results posted as soon as possible.
  13. Is there still the option to pay the registration fee by cheque?
    Fees can only be paid by PayPal, but you can use PayPal to take money out of your bank account
  14. my 17 year old son would like to volunteer to help with the mountain bike segment. what should he do
    contact our MTB boss at
  15. What time are you estimating that the relay will be finished and is there entertainment (music / food vendors etc) at the Comox marina?
    Best guess this year is first team will be across the finish line around 1pm. There will be food vendors and beverage garden at Marina Park
  16. where is handicapped parking for spectators
    Please go to parking attendants at Marina Park and show them your handicapped parking pass. They will send an official to find you a parking spot
  17. Is there any equipment provided for the events?
    each team must supply all of their own equipment as per the rules and regulations
  18. Will you ever offer a singles entry? maybe so you can select which legs you can or would do, and then be placed in a team.
    The event is a team event and is not designed for solos or couples. Changing the event to allow this makes it an elitist event, which is not what it is all about. we do have a bulletin board section where you can look for a team or offer yourself to others at
  19. where do i find the place to log back into my account and sign in to change/add team member details/change our team name?
    When you signed up you would have received an email acknowledgement. That has the login info on it
  20. What is the registration deadline?
    we are open to 150 adult teams and are full when when reached.
  21. In this years race leg descriptions, there is no check in times listed. When or where is this info available?
    Your team captain has the link to download the current race information package. Also if there are any changes, those changes will be sent to team captains, so please check with your captain
  22. can an open men's team have a female team member?
  23. Hi, One of our team members can't make it. Given traffic restrictions and other logistics will it be possible for me to complete both the alpine ski (run) and the mountain bike?
    your mountain bike must be checked in as per the rules. There will be lots of congestion on the mountain road, so it will be tight to get to the MTB transition from Alpine. We can't say you can't do it, but it will be a challenge or impossible
  24. Can a team with only one female register as a open men's team?
    Yes, this would be considered an open mens team
  25. Can the mt biker do the 2.4 km run? I cannot see they name on the drop down listing.
    logistically there is not enough time to safely get the MT Biker to Millard- this why they can not do it
  26. min number of people? legs that you could feasibly do (eg. 1 and 4 possible?)
    Teams of 4 or more are in a category called Missing members
  27. I can't enter the T-shirt size in the member info. Why? Also, when is the info change deadline?
    T-shirt sizing deadline was March 31, 2016. Info changes will be good up until April 22, 2016
  28. I'm thinking about volunteering. Which events do you need covered?
    please email and let us know what area of the event you wish to help in!
  29. Can kayaker do the new 2.4km run ? which team members cannot do the new 2.4km run? thanks
    It is the team's challenge to figure that out. We can say it would be a challenge for the kayaker to get there in time.
  30. I am having trouble finding the link to the downloadable payment record on my team site.
    your reciept would have come from paypal when you registered. It can not be resent
  31. A team member has changed and I would like to change the T-shirt size (after March 31) - If this is possible, who do I contact
    what was ordered on March 31 is what you will get
  32. In past years there were maps showing the route and transition areas. Are these no longer available?
    The FAQs show direction to each leg. We have tried countless times to provide a map and every time we do we are critized to no end (some pretty scathing). Short answer is we welcome someone to come forward to do some mapping for us that will satisfy all, but we will not do it as we have had too many complaints
  33. Can you please post a link to the rules?
    They are on the web site under race info
  34. Where can I find a map of the course?
    We have supplied maps of the course in the past. We have attempted many versions, even hiring a cartographer once. Believe it or not, we get MORE complaints when we post the map. You may find it strange but the easiest solution for us is not to supply one. Then we get no complaints.
  35. Where can we park at the start of the 2nd leg run?
    Parking is a challenge throughout the event. There is no designated parking area at the 2nd leg run.
Misc Page Top
  1. Why is there no Lost and Found?
    We used to have a lost and found and we discovered that people used it as a cloakroom. The last year we had a lost and found we had over 12 large garbage bags full of items, and no one to claim. We held on to for weeks and then donated to Salvation Army. At the same time, people were looking for items that had not been turned in. Now we have no list and found and people are responsible for their items
  2. We have to cases on our team where 2 team members share the same email address, in both cases only the first member that does the waiver process is successful. when the second member sharing the email address attempts the waiver process it does not show u
    For the purposes of digital signatures, one e-mail address can only be associated with one person. If one e-mail address is used for two people then there isn’t any way to know who actually signed. In this case I think there are two choices: - print off and physically sign a waiver - create a second email account (gmail is easy) for one of the people, just for the purpose of digital signing.